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Song of Praise

Greater Things

(lyrics included in worship video)


Verse 1: 

My life is built on Your faithfulness

My hope is held in Your promises

I take each step with Your confidence

'Cause I am Yours

I am Yours



You never fail

You never will

I trust Your name for greater things

You will come through

You always do

I trust Your name for greater things


Verse 2:

You cleared a way in the wilderness

You brought me back from my brokenness

You took my shame and You buried it

What You've done

I won't forget


You never fail

You never will

I trust Your name for greater things

You will come through

You always do

I trust Your name for greater things



I will not fear for You are with me

I've seen this fight from the victory

No power of hell could stand against me

'Cause I've seen this from the victory, yeah




You never fail

You never will

I trust Your name for greater things

You will come through

You always do

I trust Your name for greater things

Mile Square Kids

Read “Heaven Breaks Through" from The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. Have the kids listen closely to the details of the story and then, recap the story by asking the questions below.

1. Why does the Bible say John was "unusual?" What was John's message to God's people?

John had shaggy hair, ate bugs and wore a coat of camel hair! His message was to stop running away from God and get ready for the King to come.


2. What did people feel when they heard John's message? What did they do?

They felt sorry. They showed they were sorry by being baptized in the Jordan River.

3. What kind of animal did John say Jesus was like? What happened after Jesus was baptized?

John said Jesus was the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. After Jesus was baptized the heavens were opened and the Father spoke and the Spirit came down on Jesus. The great rescue had begun!

Scripture Reading

Genesis 41:1-16, 25-45


Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams

After two whole years, Pharaoh dreamed that he was standing by the Nile, and behold, there came up out of the Nile seven cows, attractive and plump, and they fed in the reed grass. And behold, seven other cows, ugly and thin, came up out of the Nile after them, and stood by the other cows on the bank of the Nile. And the ugly, thin cows ate up the seven attractive, plump cows. And Pharaoh awoke. And he fell asleep and dreamed a second time. And behold, seven ears of grain, plump and good, were growing on one stalk. And behold, after them sprouted seven ears, thin and blighted by the east wind. And the thin ears swallowed up the seven plump, full ears. And Pharaoh awoke, and behold, it was a dream. So in the morning his spirit was troubled, and he sent and called for all the magicians of Egypt and all its wise men. Pharaoh told them his dreams, but there was none who could interpret them to Pharaoh.

Then the chief cupbearer said to Pharaoh, “I remember my offenses today. When Pharaoh was angry with his servants and put me and the chief baker in custody in the house of the captain of the guard, we dreamed on the same night, he and I, each having a dream with its own interpretation. A young Hebrew was there with us, a servant of the captain of the guard. When we told him, he interpreted our dreams to us, giving an interpretation to each man according to his dream. And as he interpreted to us, so it came about. I was restored to my office, and the baker was hanged.”

Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they quickly brought him out of the pit. And when he had shaved himself and changed his clothes, he came in before Pharaoh. And Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I have had a dream, and there is no one who can interpret it. I have heard it said of you that when you hear a dream you can interpret it.” Joseph answered Pharaoh, “It is not in me; God will give Pharaoh a favorable answer.”


Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, “The dreams of Pharaoh are one; God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is about to do. The seven good cows are seven years, and the seven good ears are seven years; the dreams are one. The seven lean and ugly cows that came up after them are seven years, and the seven empty ears blighted by the east wind are also seven years of famine. It is as I told Pharaoh; God has shown to Pharaoh what he is about to do. There will come seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt, but after them there will arise seven years of famine, and all the plenty will be forgotten in the land of Egypt. The famine will consume the land, and the plenty will be unknown in the land by reason of the famine that will follow, for it will be very severe. And the doubling of Pharaoh's dream means that the thing is fixed by God, and God will shortly bring it about. Now therefore let Pharaoh select a discerning and wise man, and set him over the land of Egypt. Let Pharaoh proceed to appoint overseers over the land and take one-fifth of the produce of the land of Egypt during the seven plentiful years. And let them gather all the food of these good years that are coming and store up grain under the authority of Pharaoh for food in the cities, and let them keep it. That food shall be a reserve for the land against the seven years of famine that are to occur in the land of Egypt, so that the land may not perish through the famine.”

Joseph Rises to Power

This proposal pleased Pharaoh and all his servants. And Pharaoh said to his servants, “Can we find a man like this, in whom is the Spirit of God?” Then Pharaoh said to Joseph, “Since God has shown you all this, there is none so discerning and wise as you are. You shall be over my house, and all my people shall order themselves as you command. Only as regards the throne will I be greater than you.” And Pharaoh said to Joseph, “See, I have set you over all the land of Egypt.” Then Pharaoh took his signet ring from his hand and put it on Joseph's hand, and clothed him in garments of fine linen and put a gold chain about his neck. And he made him ride in his second chariot. And they called out before him, “Bow the knee!” Thus he set him over all the land of Egypt. Moreover, Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I am Pharaoh, and without your consent no one shall lift up hand or foot in all the land of Egypt.” And Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaphenath-paneah. And he gave him in marriage Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera priest of On. So Joseph went out over the land of Egypt.

Reader: This is the Word of the Lord.

Microchurch: Thanks be to God.

Reflection Questions

(answer one)

What about the reading stood out to you? What was one thing that challenged you? What questions did this raise for you?


Joseph: Resurrection is Coming


Question One

When your life has felt like it’s in the pit with Joseph what has been something that’s given you hope to believe God is still working?

Question Two

First, read the backstory of the hymn "It Is Well With Soul" by Horatio Spafford (see below). Then discuss this quesiton: What is it about Horatio’s story and Joseph’s story that strengthens your faith in Christ today?


"This hymn was written after traumatic events in Spafford's life. The first two were the death of his four-year-old son and the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, which ruined him financially (he had been a successful lawyer and had invested significantly in property in the area of Chicago that was extensively damaged by the great fire). His business interests were further hit by the economic downturn of 1873, at which time he had planned to travel to England with his family on the SS Ville du Havre, to help with D. L. Moody’s upcoming evangelistic campaigns. In a late change of plan, he sent the family ahead while he was delayed on business concerning zoning problems following the Great Chicago Fire. While crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the ship sank rapidly after a collision with a sea vessel, the Loch Earn, and all four of Spafford's daughters died. His wife Anna survived and sent him the now famous telegram, "Saved alone …". Shortly afterwards, as Spafford traveled to meet his grieving wife, he was inspired to write these words as his ship passed near where his daughters had died. Bliss called his tune Ville du Havre, from the name of the stricken vessel." (Source: Wikipedia)



Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
2nd Corinthians 9:7

Giving to the church is an act of worship – an opportunity to recognize how God has graciously given us both salvation through faith in Jesus and also everything we possess. Like any act of worship, it is not compulsory, but freely given. Therefore, give with joy even as the Lord has given to you.​



The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, who is in Heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever, amen.

Prayer suggestions

  • For personal growth in the Word of God

  • For the mission of the Church (domestic and global missions)

  • For the unity of the Church

  • For our governing authorities (mayor, president, judges, police, other public servants)

  • For those who are sick in body and soul

  • For strength against sin and temptation

  • For true peace and shalom on the earth

  • For Mile Square Church and our work in Hoboken and Hudson county

  • For those who do not confess Jesus as Lord

  • For eyes to see God's goodness all around us


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