Plan Your Visit

When you visit a new church, it's always nice to know what to expect––even if that visit is digital!


On this page we've outlined what you can expect when you join us online for Sunday worship. In response to the COVID19 pandemic we are worshipping in microchurches to continue to grow in our relationship with God and one another.

Sunday at 10:00 AM

One service. Multiple locations.

All for God's glory.

Grow Together

Engage in discussion, Scripture reading, and prayer.

Online and In-Person

Worship together via Zoom or meet outside with a group.



Talk about faith with your kids with help from Cleo the Puppet.

Image by Helena Lopes

Sunday at 10AM

All microchurches, online and in-person, meet at 10am every week on Sunday.  

Service length

Service runs approximately 1.5 hours from beginning to end depending on how long discussion in your group lasts. You can sign-up to be placed into an in-person microchurch.


You can visit the Zoom microchurch by texting keyword MICRO to 201-754-5271. You will be sent a Zoom meeting ID. Enter the meeting ID on Zoom's website by clicking below.

Grow Together

The pandemic may have distanced us from one another, but we're using microchurches to grow close to one another and to our God.


Group Interaction

The service is designed to facilitate a lot of interaction between group members. Your microchurch will be prompted to read the Scripture lesson together, discuss questions periodically throughout the sermon, and pray together. If you are visiting, you are not expected to contribute, but you may if you feel comfortable enough to do so.

Online Toolkit

The video of the service as well as all the resources you'll need during your worship is on the microchurch page of our website. You can find the lyrics for the worship song, the sermon discussion questions, and prayer prompts all on that page.

Study group
Image by Chris Montgomery

Online and In-Person

We recognize that ​everyone is responding to this pandemic differently, and so we've provided two ways to worship in a microchurch.



One microchurch meets online via Zoom at 10am Sunday morning. In order to participate you need to text the keyword MICRO to 201-754-5271 to get the Zoom meeting ID. You will be sent the meeting ID shortly after you text the keyword. Enter the meeting ID on Zoom's website by clicking below.



The other microchurches meet in-person throughout the area. Social distancing and mask wearing is encouraged in each group. Sign-up to be placed in a microchurch here:



We recognize adult discussions are not really engaging for little ears. That's why we created a short resource you can use during worship to talk to your kids about faith.


Cleo the Puppet

Cleo is our fun, charming puppet friend who's got a lot of BIG questions! Discuss Cleo's question with your kids to get a powerful faith conversation started in your home.

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